Using the Library

Welcome to the library

The library is open to everyone. You can read newspapers, participate in events, use customer computers, study, and loan books at the library. You can browse our shelves or our catalog to find what you are searching for. The library staff is happy to help.

Library card

A library card is handed over

You will need your library card whenever you wish to borrow items from the library. You can obtain a personal library card and PIN code at any Blanka library by presenting a valid photo ID and by complying with the Rules of Use. The card is valid at all Blanka libraries.

If you wish to, you can fill in the application form in advance.

Library card application form (pdf).

If your card gets lost

Please contact your library immediately if you lose your library card. Customers are responsible for material borrowed on their library cards. The guardian is responsible for material borrowed by a person under the age of 15.

Your first library card is free, but the library charges for new library cards if the old one gets lost. You can see the prices here.

A person under the age of 15 needs a guardian

A person under the age of 15 needs a guardian to sign the form to get a library card. You can print the acquisition form and fill it in in advance.

You are responsible for the materials that have been borrowed with your library card. The guardian is responsible for customers that are under the age of 15.

Keep your contact information up to date

Please inform us if your phone number, address, or e-mail changes.

PIN code

The PIN code is a password containing four numbers and can be obtained at any Blanka library by presenting your library card and a valid photo ID. You will need your PIN code to log on to the web library.

On the web library you can:

  • update your contact information
  • change your PIN code
  • make reservations
  • delete your reservations
  • view your loans
  • renew your loans

You need the PIN code to use the library’s e-resources (e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, e-music, e-movies).

You can use the self-service functions with the PIN code.

If you forget your PIN code you will obtain a new one at the library service desk by presenting your library card and a valid photo ID. Due to security reasons, PIN codes are not granted by e-mail or over the phone.

Loans and renewals

A child is borrowing books at the counter

Different materials have different loan periods:

  • books, audiobooks, and music 4 weeks
  • magazines, movies and games 2 weeks

The due date is visible on the receipt and the web library. The loans should be returned to the library before it closes or be renewed.

You can return your loans to any Blanka library. There are overdue charges for items returned or renewed after the due date.

You can renew your loans five times if they are not reserved by another customer.

Many ways to renew

The loans should be renewed at the web library before midnight on the due date. Select the loans you wish to renew and click the renew button.

You can also call your library to renew your loans. The contact information can be found on the Library page.

Drop boxes

Some libraries have drop boxes for returns. Returning material through a drop box is at your own risk. The material deposited in the drop box is registered as returned on the next opening day of the library.

Library notifications help you remember

You can get a reminder of the upcoming due date in your e-mail. The reminder is sent 3 days before the due date. Please check your spam folder if you are not receiving our notifications.

The library sends three overdue notifications after the due date has passed.


reservation shelf

Reservations are free of charge. Reservations can be sent to any Blanka Library. You can make reservations at the web library, by calling the library, or e-mailing us.

How to make a reservation

It is convenient to make reservations and administer them via the web library. The first step is to make a search. You can reserve an item either directly on the search result list or by clicking the title and going to the item page. Press "Make a reservation" and select your pick-up library. It is possible to set a default pick-up library, but you can also ignore this option and select your pick-up library every time you make a reservation.

You can also contact our customer service to make a reservation.

Pick-up notice for reserved item

You will receive a pick-up notice when an item you have reserved is available for collection at the library. The last pick-up date has been announced in the pick-up notice.

The pick-up notice is sent as an e-mail, as an sms or by mail depending on your account settings. You can see your settings in your Profile.

You can contact your library to change your account settings.

One week to pick up the reservation

You have one week to pick up the reservation after you receive the pick-up notice.


The library’s services are usually free of charge, but we do have fees for loans that are returned or renewed after the due date and some special services. You can pay your fees at the library.

Fees (pdf)

Interlibrary Loans

books on a table

You can make an interlibrary loan request by contacting your library. Contact information can be found here.

If you require an item not in stock in any of the Blanka libraries, it can be requested from other libraries through interlibrary lending.

Interlibrary loan requests cannot be made for items which are included in the collections of the Blanka libraries but are currently on loan. If the item you wish to borrow is on loan, you can place a reservation for it. We will send you a notification when it becomes available.

Interlibrary loan requests can be made at all the Blanka libraries.

There are charges for interlibrary loans

In addition to the regular interlibrary loan charges collected by the supplying library, there is a reservation fee payable upon collection. The fees is paid when you pick up your loan.

Delivery times may vary

The usual waiting time for an interlibrary loan to arrive is about two weeks, but the delivery time may be longer if, for example, the supplying library has reservations for the same item. When the requested item is available for pick-up, you will be notified by phone, e-mail or post.

Interlibrary loans follow the general terms of use for the supplying libraries' loans and loan times

All materials are not necessarily loaned to other libraries, and sometimes the loans can only be made for reference library use.

Interlibrary loans are returned through the requesting library

The date that the item must be returned by (the due date) is shown on the loan slip accompanying the item. Interlibrary loan renewals are also made through the requesting library.

Acquisition request form

Form for acquisition requests

You can make an acquisition proposal here.

We gladly accept acquisition proposals, if you feel that something is missing in our collection. Before making an acquisition proposal, please check the library catalog to ensure that the item is not in stock.

Self-service libraries

You can visit self-service libraries after customer service hours are over and library staff is not present. When your card is used to log into a self-service library you are responsible for that everyone that comes in with you follows the library’s rules. There are security cameras to monitor everyone’s safety.

Nagu, Korpo and Houtskär libraries

The libraries in Nagu, Korpo, and Houtskär are open every day from 8-21, you can log in with your library card and PIN code.

If you do not remember your PIN code, you can visit any library with a valid photo ID card.

Iniö key

Iniö library

Iniö library is also a self-service library, but with a different log-in method. Iniö library has self-service hours from 9-20 every day.

To enter Iniö during self-service hours, you need to get a key from the library staff.

Dalsbruk library

Dalsbruk library is open from 8-20 every day, you can log in with your library card and PIN code. Remember to bring your own paper if you want to print during self-service hours.

If you do not remember your PIN code, you can visit any library with a valid photo ID card.

What is Blanka?

Blanka libraries, Pargas and Kimitoön

Blanka is library cooperation between Pargas and Kimitoön. Blanka brings many advantages for the customer, such as:

  • one library card
  • one collection
  • one reservation que
  • common rules of use
  • material transporations free of charge
  • one big e-materials collection

This means that you can use the same library card in every Blanka library. If the material that you wish to borrow is located in another Blanka library, you can make a reservation free of charge.

You can return your loans at any Blanka library. As a Blanka customer you have access to the collection in the whole area.